Automate Your Business Through Simplicity

WilsONE is a dynamic business automation software that manages all your customers and business operations in ONE platform.

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WilsONE Business Automation System is developed based on the fundamentals of CRM, but unlike traditional CRM systems, this cloud-based system is integrated with applications of enhanced capacity, evolving gradually in phases to handle local business challenges, expand capabilities beyond CRM, scalable in accordance to business growth and consistent simplification of functionality for greater ease of use.


Effectively store, manage and track individual and company’s contact information for collaborative works and automating tasks.


Efficiently manage potential customers and track and convert them into paying customers.


Track and manage every piece of information for each project, providing everyone involved, a complete view of the project. This in turn enables streamlined collaboration and communication in addressing potential problems early on and ensuring smooth progress and timely delivery.


Conveniently utilise the data of every potential sales opportunity, providing information to the sales team to act quickly in closing the deal and drive sales performance.


Create a clean, detailed and beautiful proposals on the fly with intuitive navigation systems and tools. Publish, print or email the proposal to your leads and clients.


Create a business contract within the system with intuitive navigation systems and tools. Publish, print or email the contract to your leads and clients to secure the deal.


Generate quotations, invoices, create product/service lists and manage expenses all in one.


Manage and navigate all your tasks in a single window for systematic teamwork and collaboration.

Characteristics of WilsONE Business Automation System

Easy To Use

WilsONE is built with simplicity in mind so that anyone can use it with ease for automation, without the hurdles of complex interface (UX/UI) that hinder efficiency

Ultrafast Deployment

WilsONE’s commitment to simplicity allows the exceptional readiness of the system to be deployed immediately with only minimal training required

Localised Solution

WilsONE is specially made for Malaysia-based businesses, backed by extensive data intelligence on vast industries and a strong local support team

Unified Channel

WilsONE understands the importance of team effort and aligned communications throughout an organisation. Teams can communicate and collaborate effortlessly with WilsONE, creating a happy and harmonious workforce.

Integrated Applications

WilsONE provides high integration that yields focused results, consistency and increased efficiency for uninterrupted sales and market growth.

Highly Scalable

WilsONE shall remain as your most loyal business partner at all times, assisting in solving business challenges, improving organisational efficiencies and realising business goals, no matter the size of your business throughout your business journey. Scale your business at ease with WilsONE

WilsONE is for Business That Wants Greater Growth. Here’s Why.

No matter the rate of business growth that you desire, it always come with its set of challenges. Let WilsONE be your productive partner in reaching your goals quickly.

Increased Efficiency

Sharing of same voice, same understanding with unified efforts for task and workflow automation, it saves time and improves business efficiency.

Better Business Decisions

With a clear overview and valuable insights obtained from WilsONE, decision-makers are able to make quicker, more precise, informed and better business decisions. Moreover, these business decisions can be further communicated, implemented and executed swiftly across the same platform seamlessly.

Increase In Sales, Market Share & Customer Satisfaction

Sales, Market Share and Customer Satisfaction are three interrelated components that thrive alongside each other when managed well. WilsONE Business Automation System allows users to plan, execute, test, overcome and improve on a set initiative.

Workforce Happiness

Business Automation takes the load off from the many tasks performed by the staff and improves their overall well-being. WilsONE Business Automation System is highly customer-centric, built to increase the level of happiness of its users. A happy and harmonious workforce leads to increased productivity.

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